What You Can Expect from Your Princeton and Roselle Park Podiatrists

When you are looking for care, it is always a bonus to have experienced professionals close by. We are proud to provide expert podiatry services for everyone in Roselle Park, Princeton, and surrounding areas.

Of course, we also know that just saying we are a friendly neighborhood (and high quality) option isn’t necessarily convincing in itself. And we also understand that finding a new doctor is always a bit nerve-wracking, no matter what the specialty is. You never quite know what to expect and whose hands you are entrusting your health to.

Being local is one thing, but most people will gladly drive farther if their closest option isn’t truly one of the best. So when it comes to your choice of Roselle Park and Princeton podiatrists, we’re here to provide you some reasons why you don’t have to hesitate to see us here at Associates in Podiatry.

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You Are a Vital Part of Your Own Care

What does it mean to play a vital role in your own foot and ankle care?

It does not mean that you are having the full responsibility of treatment getting laid on you. The onus is on our doctors to properly evaluate you and recommend the best treatment options.

What it does mean, however, is that you are not just some faceless patient who comes in, is given a rubber-stamp treatment, and sent home. Your input matters greatly toward determining the best form of treatment that meets your individual needs.

Many patients mistakenly believe that their doctor does not want to hear them talk about their symptoms or how their pain is affecting their lives. The thought is that the doctor is the expert here, and that they should not speak unless spoken to.

This line of thought is completely wrong, and any doctor who pushes it is doing you a disservice!

We want to know the full story of how your feet and ankles feel, and how it affects you on a daily basis. And if you have questions, we want to hear those as well! Open communication between a podiatrist and patient is good for both sides: we better understand how to approach your needs and you feel a lot more confident in our ability to do so.

We Provide Both Traditional and Advanced Treatments

Just because two patients have the same condition doesn’t necessarily mean they need the same treatment. Even if their symptoms are the same, the underlying causes and how to address them can vary.

At Associates in Podiatry, we work with treatments that have been time-tested as well as advanced methods backed by the latest research. This provides us with the broadest and best arsenal for helping patients on an individual basis.

More traditional treatment options may include things like simple as changes in footwear, stretching and exercise regimens, custom orthotics, or medications, among other things.

And when it comes to advanced treatments, we have technology that can provide results where other forms of treatment may not be as effective. This includes:

  • Multiwave Locked System (MLS) laser therapy for pain. This uses light energy to stimulate the body’s own natural healing processes, and tends to be helpful in reducing pain and accelerating recovery from many soft tissue injuries.
  • Lunula Laser for fungal toenail treatment. This form of laser therapy hits fungus where it lives much more easily than topical ointments, and without the potential side effects of anti-fungal pills.
  • KeryFlex treatment for nail restoration. In cases where fungal nails or nail injuries have left a marred appearance, KeryFlex can provide a realistic, synthetic nail in its place.
  • Shockwave therapy for pain relief. Pressure waves deliver a physical stimulation to certain types of tissues, encouraging pain relief and repair. This method can be particularly effective for injuries such as Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis.

Again, the best course of action will depend upon your specific situation. We will be sure to discuss the pros and cons of our recommendations to you so you can move forward with treatment in confidence.

We Are Always Open to New Patients

Many patients have trusted us for all their foot and ankle needs (and you can hear from some of them on our Testimonials page). We know there are always others who can use our help, though, and want to make sure that scheduling and preparing for your initial appointment is as easy and painless as possible.

Our New Patients page provides some information on what to expect on your first visit. It also includes a list of our most popular accepted insurance carriers and all forms of payment our office accepts, as well. You can also print out and complete our registration form before your appointment to save you time in the waiting room.

And if you have any further questions before your time with us, please never hesitate to contact us. Our staff will be happy to help you.

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