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The feet and ankles are no strangers to a host of different problems. They put in a lot of work every day, after all, and they’re usually on the front lines of everyday dangers that pop up in front of us.

No matter how long you have suffered from a foot or ankle condition, putting off treatment any longer just isn’t wise. Not only can something often be done to find relief or freedom from a problem, but starting that treatment sooner is always better.

A few of our specialties are listed below. But odds are that whatever foot or ankle trouble you may have, we’ll be able to help!

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Heel Pain

Heel pain is one of the most frequent conditions we treat, and so many people suffer from it on a regular basis that we wish we would see even more!

Heel pain can arise from excess strain on the feet, overuse injuries from physical activity, poor shoe choices, or even inherited foot structures that place too much pressure on certain areas. The experts at Associates in Podiatry will get to the source of the problem and recommend the best treatments for lasting relief.

Fungal Toenails

A fungal toenail infection can be a stubborn and embarrassing problem. In some cases, it can even cause pain if it’s lifting the nail away from its base.

We are equipped with several forms of treatment for toenail fungus, including the Lunula Laser, a high-tech method that can attack fungus directly where it resides without pain and with no worries about side effects that might arise from oral medications. Treating toenail fungus can take several months, so do not wait if you want clear nails before a certain special event!



Toenail fungus is not the only problem that can arise on the outside of the foot. Plantar warts, ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, black toenails, athlete’s foot, and other unwanted maladies can form as well. Whether they cause pain or not, each condition is sign that something is not currently right with your feet, and the right treatment and changes can help get rid of the problem for good.



If you live with diabetes, your feet are in need of consistent preventative care and maintenance. This includes self-examinations to detect potential problems before they become complicated, and regular podiatric checkups to ensure your feet are in optimal health.

Over time, the effects of diabetes can lead to reduced healing ability and loss of sensation in the feet, which can lead to severe problems. We can help you prevent such problems from happening.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can be the result of a sudden force (such as fractures or sprains) or the result of pushing your body too hard or for too long of a period (e.g. Achilles tendinitis, stress fractures). We are trained to handle a wide variety of sports injuries and get athletes back to action as quickly and safely as possible.

Children’s Foot Conditions

A child’s feet can acquire many of the same conditions adults can. Some, such as ingrown toenails and warts, can tend to be more frequent with little or growing feet, while others such as heel pain from Sever’s disease are more specific to certain age groups. If you feel your child might have a condition, don’t hesitate about it. Give us a call.

Foot and Ankle Treatment in Princeton and Roselle Park

Regardless of which foot or ankle condition you need help for, we have you covered. Our caring staff is committed to restoring you and your family back to health and comfort with state-of the art treatment and personalized service.

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