Sports Injuries

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An object in motion wants to stay in motion, and that includes many of us who are athletically minded! However, a sports injury can put a stop to that inertia quickly—and, honestly, it should.

When you experience something that causes pain in your foot or ankle, your first step should always be stopping whatever you were doing that may have caused it. Continuing to work out or play through pain goes against the nature of pain and can increase your risks of further damage.

But that doesn’t mean you just have to sit and take a sports injury as it is. Associates in Podiatry provides expert care and treatments to improve your comfort, prepare you to get back to action as soon as reasonably possible, and reduce your risks of running into similar injuries again.

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The Wide World of Sports Injuries

The feet and ankles have many moving parts, which means there are plenty of different problems that can arise while they’re in motion. Boil all these injuries down, however, and they can be placed into two general categories.

  • Injuries that happen as the result of a sudden impact or force. Examples may include a broken bone or a sprain caused when the ligaments of the ankle or part of the foot are forced farther than they were intended to go. These often happen quickly and can be very painful.
  • Injuries that are the result of overuse. This can take the form of repetitive stress without providing enough time for recovery (running too many days in a row without a rest day, for example) or pushing the body too hard all at once (such as putting your all into a weekend basketball game without warming up and without much prior conditioning). In either case, the body has endured more force or stress than it was capable of enduring at the time.

Stress fractures, turf toe, shin splints, bursitis, and Achilles tendonitis are all examples of overuse injuries. There are plenty more, however, and it will be important to properly identify the type and cause of any sports injury before creating a treatment plan.

Treating Sports Injuries

Just as there are many types of sports injuries, there are multiple ways of treating them.

Almost all treatment plans will involve rest in some way. The body has a great deal of trouble recovering otherwise. The use of boots, braces, or other devices may be added to help keep the area immobilized.

Physical therapy and exercises may be recommended during the recovery period to help strengthen and recondition the body to get back into action. A period of inactivity can cause an already injured area to grow weaker, and rehabilitation is a crucial factor in helping to prevent future injuries to that area.

For soft tissue injuries, we may suggest Multiwave Locked System (MLS) laser therapy as a means of providing pain relief and accelerating recovery time. This advanced form of treatment has no drugs or preparations involved, and uses the body’s own natural processes in its favor.

In some severe cases, or when conservative methods have not provided the results we need, surgery may be considered as a means of providing relief or restoring mobility.

Find Excellence in Foot Care

Every sports injury case is different, and the best course of treatment for each one must be considered separately. We will listen to all your questions and concerns, getting to the root of the problem and recommending the best course of treatment for you.

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