Fungal Toenail Treatment in Roselle Park and Princeton

Our toenails are something some of us consider the appearance of often. Others might not really dwell on them much—at least until a day they will be exposed to the world.

An unsightly problem such as fungal toenails can cause embarrassment for just about anyone, but you should not have to hide it away in closed-toe shoes forever. Our expert podiatrists in Princeton and Roselle Park can help you reclaim clearer, more comfortable nails—but it’s not something you should hold off on!

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Laser Treatment at Associates in Podiatry

Toenail fungus is a very stubborn condition, and until recent years the available treatment options came with downsides.

Topical creams could be effective, but only if they can effectively reach the fungus itself. That could mean a lot of filing down of thick, hardened, crumbly nail tissue, and even then it might not always be enough to reach all of the fungus.

Oral anti-fungal medications can be quite effective, as they work “from the inside out” to kill fungus. Unfortunately, they can have unwanted side effects in some patients and may cause liver damage. Taking these medications may mean keeping track of your liver health as well.

However, we are proud to provide an alternative to patients throughout Roselle Park, Princeton, and surrounding areas: the Lunula Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus!

Laser treatment uses specific, strong frequencies of light energy to penetrate deep into nail tissue and take out fungus right where it lives. This does not cause any pain or burning, but some patients report feeling a warmth sensation during their sessions.

Toenail Fungus Treatment is Never “One and Done”

While laser treatment is a superb treatment method for toenail fungus, there is nothing out there that will get rid of your fungus in just one dose. That goes for topical ointments and oral medications, too!

Toenail fungus is just so stubbornly embedded in a nail that it will take time to eradicate. Laser therapy will take a course of sessions before full results can be seen. In some more severe cases, we might even suggest topical or oral treatments in addition, as an extra layer of attack.

Even when the fungus is dead, you will still not see fully clear nails until the damaged nail gets grown out and replaced with fresh, fungus-free tissue. This can take several months.

Don’t Wait for Expert Fungal Toenail Treatment

What we’re trying to say is, if there is a special event on the horizon where you want to show off clear nails, do not wait. Get to one of our offices in Roselle Park or Princeton now! The sooner you begin fungal toenail treatment, the sooner you can begin to see the results you want.

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