Our Guide Provides Help for Heel Pain at Work!

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You likely already have enough pains to deal with on the job. Heel pain at work should not be an additional item on your plate.

All in a Day’s Discomfort

Whether you spend all day on your feet or at a desk; whether you wear boots, loafers, sneakers, or (we hope sensible!) heels, having aching heels as a background element in your day can really mess with your focus and getting your work done.

And if your heels hurt so bad that you flop down upon getting home and don’t want to even think about moving for the rest of the evening, it’s putting a drain on your quality of life outside the job, too!

You Don’t Have to Just Work Through Your Heel Pain!

Heel pain does not have to be a part of your workday, nor an inhibitor on your life in general! At Associates in Podiatry, we specialize in treating a wide variety of heel pain, using methods and treatments that best fit the needs of our patients.

Our downloadable guide, Help for Heel Pain at Work, provides tips and advice for managing heel pain for jobs from the office to the site. It might not be a complete substitute for the direct treatment we provide, but it can still have a significant effect on how you enjoy your day and how you feel when you get home!


Changes to your footwear or work environment, or stretches, exercises, and activities you can perform can have a real impact on your comfort. Some things you can even do right at your desk (and wow, does one of them feel good!).

Simply fill out the form below to receive your copy of the guide, accessible on just about any device you own.

We’ll Take Care of Your Heels at Associates

If you ever want to see one of our experts about getting rid of your heel pain for good, we will be here for you. Please call us at one of our two local offices:

  • Princeton – (609) 924-8333
  • Roselle Park – (908) 687-5757

While there are lots of tricks for managing heel pain, the key to true relief is to properly identify the root of the problem. From there, we can address the condition with the exact treatments you need. And even after recovery, there are often preventative measures you can take to fight back against heel pain returning, regardless of what your job may be!

If you would rather reach out to us electronically, that’s fine, too! We’re happy to hear from you. Simply head to our contact page and fill out our form with your questions and requests.

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